Body shape can be dictated by the thyroid... but there are ways to avoid it.

Do you feel like you gain weight just by looking at sinful food? Not losing weight despite the calorie deficit and exercising regularly? Then it is high time to change strategy. Perhaps an underactive thyroid is to blame.


If you can't lose weight despite all your efforts,  it might point to an underactive thyroid problem. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the lower neck area. It controls the activity of cells, tissues and organs in our body - from muscles, bones and skin to the digestive tract to the brain and heart. This happens primarily through the release of thyroid hormones. These determine how quickly and efficiently cells convert nutrients into energy. The pupal gland thus determines the metabolism, so that the cells can fulfil all their functions.

Underactive thyroid = slow metabolism = difficulty losing weight

An underactive thyroid might not produce enough thyroid hormones. Women are affected by this issue more often. The consequence? All bodily processes, including the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, slow down. We begin to gain weight, we are constantly tired and lack energy and our body regenerates more slowly.

If you, too, have the feeling that you are gaining weight by just looking at food, it may be a sign of an underactive thyroid. The other most common symptoms of underactive thyroid are:

  • Sensitivity to cold (even if it is not cold)
  • Dry skin
  • Brittle nails
  • Increased hair loss
  • Swollen face


If you are experiencing signs of an underactive thyroid and if you simply cannot lose weight despite your best efforts, you might as well not diet at all. However, the classic recommendations for improving your lifestyle by consuming a varied healthy diet and regular exercise definitely apply. The new strategy is to support your thyroid - it controls the amount of energy your body uses. How? We present you with a high-quality product with natural ingredients for the best possible thyroid support - ThyroLux.

How can ThyroLux help you lose weight?

ThyroLux promotes the production of thyroid hormones, brings the thyroid hormones into balance, stimulates the metabolism, increases the energy level and accelerates detoxification. This product contains 9 carefully selected natural ingredients that have been proven to support thyroid function: L-tyrosine, iodine, royal basil, Schisandra, guggul, magnesium, zinc, selenium and manganese-all in just 1 high-quality capsule!

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