Pavlina: “I have lost weight and I feel better – I am one size smaller!”

Pavlina is a 53-year-old with a sedentary job behind the counter. When she was younger, she was happy with her body. “I used to have a slim figure, but as I got older, I gained 1 kg every year for 20 years.” She found out she had a sluggish thyroid.

Sluggish thyroid – the invisible culprit behind weight gain

 When your thyroid is sluggish, you slowly start gaining weight and your energy levels drop. And worst of all … your desire for food grows.

Pavlina gained 20 kg over 20 years. “I used to have much more confidence, I felt much better, I was flexible, my mood was better.” But as time went by, this changed. “I was feeling lazy, tired, bloated, my digestion slowed down,” she says.
Pavlina successfully lost the excess weight she had been struggling to get rid of. She feels better in her own body and got her confidence back. Want to know how she did it? Read on.


“I discovered Glandline ThyroLux and I was thrilled!”

Looking for a solution to her problems, she found Glandline on the internet. “I was looking for natural products to balance my thyroid. I discovered Glandline ThyroLux and I was thrilled! I was impressed by its ingredients. It’s hormone-free and it helps with a sluggish thyroid. The perfect product!”

Are you ready to transform your life just like Pavlina did?

Give Glandline ThyroLux a try and you will never look back!

Glandline ThyroLux boasts 4-in-1 action that will balance thyroid hormones, help you lose weight, improve your focus and strengthen your hair and skin. You can look forward to increased energy levels; ThyroLux will also speed up your digestion and boost your metabolism.

“I have lost weight and my hair is thicker!”

“I started to notice changes after the first month,” Pavlina tells us. “My mood has improved because I have lost weight and my hair is thicker. I got rid of excess water and I am no longer feeling bloated and swollen. I don’t have a double chin anymore!”

When your thyroid gland is sluggish, every process in your body is slowed down. This includes your digestion and fat burning, which means you are likely to gain weight. Glandline ThyroLux will help you take care of all the major issues you might be facing due to a sluggish thyroid.

“I’m one size smaller!”

She has now been using Glandline ThyroLux for 3 months. “I don’t have a swollen face, body or legs, my digestion has improved.” She has adopted a healthier lifestyle, too. “I have improved my diet – more fruit and vegetables. I started taking my dogs for walks – I have more energy and exercise more. I have lost weight and I feel better – I’m one size smaller! I no longer have cravings for sweets and all my bad habits are gone. I feel happy!”

Say goodbye to constant tiredness, brain fog and weight gain! Start living your best life with ThyroLux!

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

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