Claire almost fell victim to weight-loss injections, but she lost 23 kg without them!

I’ve never been the thinnest girl, the smartest, or the most popular. All I’ve ever been is a fat pig. At least that’s what the whole school called me. When I started to believe them, my life took a wrong turn. Hi, my name is Claire, and this is my story.

Claire's Testimonial

When my heart was empty, the only thing that could fill it up was food

My struggle with being overweight started as early as it gets – in my childhood. My parents never saw any benefit in eating healthy, slow-cooked food, let alone balanced.

My mum was always complaining about not having enough time to cook and bought ready meals to warm them up in the microwave. And my dad always laughed at the commercials promoting healthy food and mocked them, “Look at this ridiculous rabbit food!”

I always indulged in any food they gave me, whether salty, greasy, sweet, or spicy. But I never made fun of people who managed to live healthily. I wanted to be like them so bad.

“Your mum should stop feeding you so much!”

“Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw chunks of fat hanging over my leggings, my tight t-shirts squeezing my arms, and my double chin disfiguring my face. But the bullies made everything worse.

They were shouting at me, “You fat pig! Do they even make clothes big enough!?” But the worst one was, “Your mum should stop feeding you so much!”

I developed severely low self-esteem and was spiralling into the vicious cycle of punishing myself for being overweight to comforting myself with food (again and again).

Severely overweight by the time I was 29 years old

As the years went by, my weight kept increasing. I was considered severely overweight by the time I was 29, as I was approaching 100 kilos on the scale.

Because I consumed so many unhealthy fats, sugars, and obviously too many calories, my body was polluted, as I like to say. I was experiencing hair loss and severe breakouts on my face back in my teens and twenties.

But the real problems started to show as I reached my 30s. I noticed I was trembling, feeling dizzy when walking, and anxious all the time. At first, I tried to shrug it off, but I could hardly get through eight hours of work! I knew it was time to visit the doctor.

Doctor suggesting SlimBerine

“Claire, you need to understand how dangerous it is to be overweight.”

I booked an appointment with our family doctor. At first, she did some blood tests, and after some time, she told me to sit down and listen carefully.

She said, “Claire, you need to understand how dangerous it is to be overweight. Your overeating is caused by blood sugar spikes and crashes, but those are caused by you carrying too much weight for so long.”

I couldn’t grasp the concept of me being the main culprit in causing myself so many problems. How could I let myself eat so much and so recklessly?

I was ready to try the weight-loss injections treatment

The reality hit me. This wasn’t the time to feel sorry for myself. It was time to take some action. And so, I blurted, “I am ready to try the weight loss injections treatment. I will pay upfront, and I will inject myself daily, although I’m scared. I am ready to do everything to save my body.”

Now, the doctor had to sit down and gasp for air. “Claire, did you even look up the side effects?” she said calmly, although a bit on edge. “You could develop abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and vomiting, for starters. If things get complicated, it can result in gallstones and even kidney failure!”

She advised me to forget about the injections and explained I need to keep my blood glucose levels under control naturally to successfully lose weight. She didn’t forget to emphasise that I needed to do it soon before developing more health complications.

I lost so much weight that my own sister didn’t recognise me

My doctor grabbed a note and wrote on it, “Buy three bottles of SlimBerine”, and then advised me on my diet and an obligatory short daily walk.

The first thing I did was order those three bottles online and follow all her advice – eat less, switch some unhealthy food choices to balanced ones, go on a daily walk (I started with 15 minutes per day), and take one capsule of SlimBerine daily.

On the website, they said I needed to use the product for three months to see the first results. But, boy, how were they wrong! I lost the first few kilograms in a month! I couldn’t believe it! My dizziness disappeared, I didn’t tremble as much as I did before, and I didn’t crave so much junk food anymore.

I continued my new routine with SlimBerine, not for three, but for six months – and let me tell you, I lost so much weight (23 kilograms to be exact) that my sister didn’t recognise me after not seeing me for ten months.

Her jaw almost dropped to the floor. She asked me how I did it and immediately assumed I was injecting myself. I shared my secret with her and even bought her a double pack of SlimBerine beforehand. I would not wish anyone to go through what I had to – knowing that it could end much, much worse.

As for me, my doctor is so happy with my blood tests and the (lower) numbers on the scale, but what’s most important is that I am happier, healthier, and more confident than I have ever been.

Believe in yourself,


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Get inspired by Claire’s story and show your body some love – before the doctor tells you to.

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