Revealing a Big Weight Loss Secret: Turmeric!

Turmeric and its most active compound, curcumin, have been widely renowned for their wide range of health benefits for centuries. With more and more studies confirming it, it is about time you give this potent spice a try, especially if shedding a few kilos is high on your New Year’s resolutions list!


Effective and natural!

There is an ocean of food supplements available, inevitably leading us to choice paralysis. If losing that stubborn fat around your belly is something you’ve been struggling with for years, extensive studies, supported by the European Food Safety Authority are clear in their claims: reach for a turmeric supplement for the most effective help on your weight-loss journey. 

Benefits galore!

While you may have used curcumin for spicing up your food, its benefits go beyond the deliciousness of a turmeric and coconut chicken curry. Should you be one of the unlucky people who struggle with excess weight, keep on reading to find out why Curcuma capsules should be your go-to supplement.

Some of turmeric’s benefits:

·It can prevent the accumulation of fats and it facilitates the de-stockage of fats by the liver;

·It can help maintain the health of the liver;

·It is used to facilitate the digestion;

·It helps to support normal liver function;

·It contributes to the stimulation of the production of the digestive body fluids;

·It can support the liver and biliary function

·It supports the digestion;

·It contributes to better fat digestion.

Quite convincing, isn’t it?

All of the listed benefits play a role in weight loss. We all know that sticking to a single regimen is easier said than done, but it appears as if turmeric, with its natural cleansing ability, really is the superhero ingredient that we have been on the lookout for.  

The liver is the number one fat-burning organ in our body, so it is only logical that we reach for science-backed products that aid in restoring its balance, which is manifested on the outside too - with glowing skin and a toned body.

A boost to our immune system and a more attractive body? Sign us up!

Not all turmeric is created equal

There is always a but, you must have seen it coming…

Turmeric is wonderful and you should add a few month’s worth of capsules to your shopping card ASAP, but there is some small print: Sadly, curcumin doesn’t absorb well in the bloodstream. 

To really reap the benefits (and avoid the disappointment of not seeing any significant results!), be sure to check if it boasts an enhanced formula that increases the bioavailability. Our researchers have created a formula in which one capsule equals 13 standard 80% curcumin capsules, making it a highly effective supplement. 

If 185-times more bioavailability doesn’t nudge you in the direction of the "Add to cart" button, then nothing will! 

Add moderate exercise and a healthy diet to Avenobo Cucruma turmeric supplement and you will soon be closer to your weight and fat-loss goals! In this bundle, we've combined it with AquaSlim EXTREME - designed to eliminate excess water and toxins, for visible results within days!

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