Valentina: “I thought I would be tired and fat forever.”

Valentina is a 34-year-old nurse and mother of four- and six-year-old boys. She had been struggling with her weight ever since the birth of her first son. Her round-the-clock job, taking care of the household and trying to keep up with her rowdy boys hadn’t left her with any time (or energy) to exercise and eat healthily. And the kilograms kept piling on.  


“It became hard for me to keep up at work and at home.”

A dedicated nurse and loving mother, she noticed she was exhausted day in and day out. “I was just so tired all the time. I felt like I hadn’t had a full night’s sleep since before my first pregnancy. It became hard for me to keep up at work and at home.

At work, I lived on four to five cups of coffee and sweets from the vending machine. At home, I would eat sandwiches and microwave dinners, too tired to cook myself a real meal after a long shift. I considered going to the playground with my kids workout enough.”

Letting your job and family life dictate your lifestyle is a trap many of us get caught up in. It’s hard to make a drastic change when dealing with overwhelming daily responsibilities.

“Whenever I had a particularly hard day, I would comfort myself with fast food or a bag of crisps. My cravings became the worst right before bed – when I had put the kids down and finished my daily tasks, then I would reward myself with something sweet, salty, or greasy.” 

Valentina then learned firsthand how badly a lack of sleep can impact a person’s quality of life.

Bad sleep leads to weight gain

“Despite being exhausted and craving a good night’s sleep, I would keep tossing and turning at night, my mind full and my body unable to relax.

I would lie awake and think of all the things that I needed to do. I felt guilty for not doing anything about my weight, which had become a source of embarrassment and frustration. I felt inadequate as a mother. I was unmotivated about work that once brought me so much joy. I was anxious, knowing I was again going to wake up drained.”

Several studies confirmed the link between inadequate sleep and weight gain. While you might think that more awake hours would cause your body to burn more calories, it actually causes the metabolism to shut down and preserve energy, holding on to fat and every calorie you consume.

“If I read it somewhere, I would have never believed it.”

The solution to Valentina’s problem came from an unlikely source.

“I was complaining to my friend at work, and she was probably the first person who really understood me. Her life was similar to mine, and yet she was somehow keeping it all together.

She recommended a supplement called NightBurn XXL, saying she had been using it for years, and it helped her sleep better and lose some weight.

If I had read it somewhere, I would have never believed it, but since a friend recommended it, I decided to give it a try.”

“I felt this was huge because I hadn’t really made any other changes.” 

“My friend used NightBurn XXL drink, but I discovered capsules were also available, and since I like something more practical, I ordered those.

After a week, I noticed I would fall asleep quicker. I hadn’t craved snacks in the evening for days. That was enough to keep me going.

After a good month, I noticed my trousers fitting a bit looser. I stepped on the scale, and sure enough, I had lost 2 kilograms. I felt this was huge because I hadn’t really made any other changes.

I’ve been using NightBurn XXL Capsules for four months and intend to continue. I’ve lost 8 kilos now, I sleep better, and I haven’t had this much energy in nearly a decade!

I thought I would be tired and fat forever. I literally didn’t see a way out of this sinkhole that became my life. And now I look and feel better than I have in years!”

NightBurn XXL is our most sought-after product 

NightBurn XXL, which is available as a drink (in multiple flavours) or in capsules, has been our best-selling product for years. No wonder, since 400,000 customers swear by it. 

Valentina used NightBurn XXL Capsules, which help supercharge weight loss by: 

  • boosting fat burning during rest; 
  • preventing late-night cravings;
  • expediting metabolism;
  • helping regulate sleep and hunger hormones; and
  • improving sleep and reducing tiredness.

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