8 ways to get rid of thigh fat

Are you tired of repeatedly stressing about thigh fat and thigh chafing in warmer weather? We are, too. Many women face the challenge of dealing with the pain the rubbing causes. Understanding the underlying causes can help you take control of your body and free yourself from thigh chains. 


In this article, we will help you understand what causes thigh fat and how to successfully melt it away.  

Is thigh fat caused by hormones?

Hormones play a crucial role in regulating weight and fat distribution in the body. The main culprit among hormones causing fat accumulation in targeted areas is oestrogen. This female hormone causes an increase in the number of fat cells, which leads to forming fat deposits in and around the thighs. 

Hormonal changes in puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can lead to fat distribution onto the thighs. As if that’s not enough, common hormonal imbalances make it even more challenging to lose thigh fat.  

Sedentary lifestyle and the epidemic of thigh fat

One of the leading causes of extra weight in females, particularly thigh fat, is sitting in the office or an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. Desk jobs are a standard nowadays, so many women find themselves sitting for long hours throughout the workday

This unavoidable lack of physical activity leads to weight gain and fat accumulating in the thighs. Sitting all day puts your body in a low-calorie-burn mode, meaning it burns fewer calories than usual. 

Blame the genetics

When it comes to weight management, genetics also play a crucial role. Some women have a genetic predisposition to store the excess fat in specific areas, including thighs.  

But we have some good news if you come from a family with a history of thigh fat and chafing. Genetics alone doesn’t determine your destiny. While you might have a genetic predisposition, your lifestyle choices and habits can wipe out the unwanted family history of thigh fat

8 trending tips for burning thigh fat

You might face some challenges when trying to lose weight in targeted areas. But no challenge is too hard to overcome. A strategy that suits you and your body can help you achieve the thigh gap you’ve wanted since last summer. 

Here are 8 tips that are trending right now: 

  • Warm water with lemon and turmeric: Drink this combination every morning on an empty stomach to kickstart your metabolism and fat burning with the power of lemon and turmeric. When you taste the slightly burning sensation on your tongue, imagine how much it affects fat melting! 

  • Wrap yourself up in cling film: When walking outside or exercising in your living room, wrap your thighs and belly in cling film. This trick creates the perfect environment for fat burning – look at the plastic wrap after you finish your activity! Your progress is seen immediately as your body will be dripping in sweat. 

  • Hide your trigger foods: Having foods that you can’t resist at home makes you eat more of them! So, ditch them or ask your partner to hide them – out of sight, out of mind. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to cut calories this way! 

  • Bring a gym ball to work: Instead of sitting in a chair all day and feeling uneasy about your belly rolls and thigh pressing, bring a gym ball to work. Sitting on a gym ball lets you fix your posture and train your abdominal and leg muscles while working. 

  • Lots of sleep: Sleep hygiene is the key to fat burning. Sleeping for less than eight hours per night leads to eating much more because you lack energy! As a woman, you should sleep for at least seven to nine hours per night. 

  • Sleep in a colder room: Drop the temperature in your bedroom to at least 18°C to put your body in thermogenesis mode. Lower temperature causes burning more calories during your sleep to keep you warm in a colder room. 

  • Workweek activity: To break the curse of the sedentary desk lifestyle, try a few tricks to keep you moving even during work – if possible, go to work by foot or bike, take a brisk walk during your break, or park further away from the workplace to increase your step count. 

  • Get natural help: While targeted fat-burning is much more difficult than losing weight all over, a natural supplement for shaping thighs and waist with the marine plant Wakame algae can help you succeed. The pigment in these algae boosts thermogenesis and helps you burn fat more effectively with just two capsules daily. 

Get that thigh gap with seaweed and red vine leaf

The scientists and nutritionists at Slimmium developed the perfect solution for you to finally shape those stubborn areas: Waist & Leg Slimmer XXL with wakame algae and VinOleaf™

With its 2-in-1 slimming action, these fat-burning capsules specifically target belly fat, thigh fat, and waist!

The scientifically proven effects of wakame algae help you ignite thermogenesis thanks to its pigment called fucoxanthin. A clinical study showed these results in just 4 weeks: 

  • 16.3*% reduction in belly fat
  • 3.9*% reduction in overall fat

Along with the fat-burning effects of wakame algae, the patented red vine leaf extractVinOleaf™ helps improve blood flow to the legs, reduce swelling, and alleviate the feeling of tired and heavy legs.  

It’s the perfect combination of ingredients for getting that thigh gap! 

With just 2 capsules daily, you can finally achieve the toned and slim legs you have always wanted. 

You can be born with thigh-fat genetics, but with Waist & Leg Slimmer, genetics doesn’t stand a chance. Your confident and carefree summer starts today


Hitoe S., Shimoda H. Seaweed Fucoxanthin Supplementation Improves Obesity Parameters in Mildly Obese Japanese Subjects. Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2017; 7(4); 246-262 

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