Rachele lost weight with KiloShred!

Rachele works as a cook and is also a blogger in her free time. Over the last few years, she has noticed that quite a bit of weight has accumulated around her stomach. She found herself with low self-esteem and was constantly in a bad mood. After searching the internet, a few Instagram testimonials about Slimmium caught her eye and she decided to give it a go.

Read her success story below!


“My physical appearance played a role in how I feel about my body in recent years. I no longer saw myself in a good light, and my lifestyle and mood were not the best. My self-esteem was at a zero.”

“Positive feedback got my attention.”

“I discovered Slimmium on Instagram, where I saw testimonials from people with a few extra kilos and decided to try it myself. I've had great results!”

“Your products are naturally effective and really do work. Also, the prices are great!”

“I lost 4* kg.”

“I started noticing the first changes when drinking the herbal teas. My bloating was gone after the first week. Then, with KiloShred, I saw other benefits and lost 4* kg. This is definitely a product I will be using for quite a while!”


“I am extremely happy with the results.”

“These products have improved my mood and my physique has changed as well. KiloShred has helped me a lot with losing weight and getting back in shape. My bloating and digestion improved with Cleanse Tea, a product that I will never give up! My old clothes fit me again, and I'm so happy!”

“Exactly what I was aiming for!”

“My digestion has improved, thanks to your herbal teas... And I am losing weight thanks to KiloShred, and my belly is less bloated. Exactly what I was aiming for!”

“Since I've been using the herbal teas and KiloShred, I feel very feminine and good in my body. Wearing jeans feels like a blast, :) I love it.”

Everything you need to reduce body weight

KiloShred is our premium 5-in-1 weight-loss drink designed to

  • burn fat,
  • fight water retention,
  • block carbs,
  • prevent fat accumulation,
  • and curb appetite.

Powered by super effective targeted ingredients for amazing body-shaping results.

“This has changed my life! I no longer feel bloated. The jeans I couldn't wear anymore, now fit me well, all thanks to KiloShred. I saw results immediately.”

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.

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