Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult and take forever! 

Starting and sticking to a weight-loss routine often feels like mission impossible, doesn’t it? 


You’re super-motivated at first even though you know it will take time and effort. When the going gets tough and you seem to hit a glass ceiling, it is common to give up - don’t worry, it happens to most people! Check some tips on how to guarantee success.

1. Write down the reasons you want to lose weight

Having the why written on a piece of paper is the first step to take. Read through the reasons every day as a reminder of why you’ve embarked on this difficult path. Be it looking great for a special event, improving your confidence, preventing obesity or any other reason, writing it down will increase your commitment and motivation.

2. Set realistic goals 

This is where many people fail. Being too hard on yourself won’t bring the desired results.

Substantial weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, and being consistent is key, however, you can speed up the process with supplements that flash excess water out of your body, stimulate brown fat tissue or reduce bloating. It will still take at least a month for you to see the first results, but just push through! 

3. Opt for a plan that fits your lifestyle  

A weight-loss plan that will turn your life upside down is likely to fail, so be sure to find one you will be at least somehow comfortable with. Start small and work your way up rather than making a drastic change. Perhaps start with decreasing portion sizes, continue with reducing sugar intake and wrap up the first month by increasing your water consumption to 2 litres a day. 

4. Add Brilliant Slim to your diet 

Focus on the products that target belly fat, suppress appetite and reduce bloating and water retention. That way you’ll cover the 3 main sources of weight-loss problems.

We’ve bundled Aqua Detox, Rapid Burner and Flat Belly best sellers to give you a supply of everything you need to address the essential areas that usually make or break your weight loss efforts. You’ll thank us in a month! 

What does 30-day Slim do? 

Aqua Detox will flush out excess water and toxins, get rid of bloating and kick-start your weight loss

Rapid Burner targets stomach fat – users reduced their belly fat by up to 50%!

Flat Belly capsules are designed to keep cravings away from you and, at the same time, inhibit new fat formation.

And there is more!

With your purchase, you also get a free membership to our online gym! Our video workout programme offers moderate exercise routine that you need in addition to a healthy diet and food supplements to reach your weight-loss goals.