Katie: “I was the girl who could eat anything and never gain a gram. Then, overnight, everything changed.”

Katie had always been slim because she was tall, active, and had a fast metabolism. But after starting an office job at age 25, her metabolism slowed down, and she gradually started gaining weight. When she turned 32, she was at her heaviest. 

Now, she is on her way to losing all the weight she gained: “I never thought my metabolism could be as fast as it was in my 20s again. This product was exactly what I needed.” 


“I could eat anything and never gain a gram.”

“I never thought it could happen to me. I’ve always been that girl who could eat anything and never gain a gram. Back in the day, I didn’t even consider it a blessing because I wished to have a larger bra cup.

Later, I made my peace with it. At the end of the day, what could I do about it? I was tall, loved sports, and had an incredibly fast metabolism. But after the age of 25, things slowly started to change.”

“At the age of 32, I was no longer skinny Katie.”

“After graduating, I started an office job, and that’s when the weight gain began. At first, I was happy to get some curves I’ve always wanted. But unfortunately, it didn’t stop there.

I continued gaining 2 to 3 kilos each year. At the age of 32, I was 10 kilos heavier and felt super uncomfortable in my body. When I wore shorts, my thighs were jiggling, and I started gaining fat in the most random places, like on the back and above my knees.”

“I was doing everything right – so what went wrong?” 

“I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. My eating habits didn’t change, and I was still fairly active. I rode a bike to work every day, hiked every other weekend, and went to an aerobics class once a week.

So, if my diet didn’t change and I was still active, it must be my... metabolism?”

“I refused to end up weighing 80 kilos by the age of 40.”

“I realised that if I continued gaining weight at this pace, I would reach 80 kilos by the age of 40. So, I decided to do some research on metabolism and came across an online article that perfectly explained everything that had been happening to me over the last ten years.”

“No hike could reverse the damage of an office job.”

“In the article, they explained that sitting behind a desk for a long time slows down your metabolic rate and hinders your fat-burning ability. After a few years of prolonged sitting, you develop so-called ‘exercise resistance,’ which means that your body becomes resistant to the effects of physical exercise.

Thus, an occasional hike wouldn’t bring my magic metabolism back. I needed something else to wake it up.”

“Trying FatBurn XXL was a lucky guess. The luckiest, actually.”

“The article ended with a comparison of products that could help people who gained weight since starting their office jobs. Their top choice was FatBurn XXL by Slimmium, and I wanted to give it a go. That turned out to be one of my best decisions. I never needed to try anything else!”

“My magic metabolism was back!”

In the following days, I continued doing everything as per usual. I ate the same way, rode my bike to work and attended my weekly aerobics class. But something changed. I had more energy, and by the end of the week, the scale showed one kilo less!

After 20 days, my pants became looser, and I had to start using a belt. I was three kilos down! It seemed like my metabolism was back on track. But most importantly, I started feeling like my old, lighter self again.

FatBurn XXL helps you burn 24*% more fat while you sit at the desk!

FatBurn XXL is perfect for people like Katie, who want to boost their metabolism and burn fat while sitting behind a desk most of the day.

Here’s how FatBurn XXL works:

Increased fat burning: thanks to L-carnitine and yerba mate, you’ll burn more calories throughout the day – even when working or resting!

Stimulated metabolism: guarana supports metabolism, while acacia gum provides fibre that helps your gut bacteria thrive.

Boosted workouts: because of guarana, yerba mate, and vitamin B6, you’ll find it easier to finish your workouts and counteract the effects of prolonged sitting.

Supported recovery: FatBurn XXL also helps you bounce back quicker, which is perfect for those who notice their recoveries take longer every year.

Take advantage of the special offer before it sells out. 

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