Filipa: "I have already lost 7 kg and I have regained my joy in life."*

I'm Filipa, a mum of two and an assistant manager. I've always had weight problems and I've recently learned it's partially connected to my thyroid gland. I could never lose weight and no matter how hard I tried to stick to a healthy diet, the number on the scale kept increasing.

Because of this, I didn't feel happy or confident and I constantly lacked the energy to spend quality time with my children.


A good friend recommended Sensilab to me and through them, I discovered ThyroLux and the Hepafar tea.

The ingredients and benefits caught my attention and I didn't take long after purchasing that I also noticed the positive effects they had on me.

"I'm enjoying life again"

Hormonal imbalances, connected to my sluggish thyroid, took my life away for a bit, but thanks to Sensilab, I found balance and meaning in life again. Before, the sofa and the bed were my favourite place to spend time. Now, I'm enjoying life again and time with my family, as they and I deserve. Don't lose hope, Sensilab is here to help us find our centre, our wellbeing and our joy again.

"I've lost 7 kilos with Sensilab"

With Sensilab products, I've already lost 7 kilos* and I've regained my joy of living. I finally have the energy to play with my children and, as if by a miracle, I'm finally seeing the difference in my weight that I've been dreaming of. I went from 82 kilos to 75.* Anyone with thyroid problems can probably see what a massive achievement that is.

Ever since I first tried Sensilab, I've felt satisfied with my body. ❤️ I was finally able to overcome my insomnia and sleep more peacefully. I've noticed a big improvement in my mood, energy and concentration.

"My mum lost 2 kilos in 3 weeks"*

I soon noticed that I was less bloated and retaining less water - my wedding ring fit me again without my finger going purple.

In my work, I became more energetic and more assertive. I'm happier in my personal life too. I happily recommended the product to my mum, since she also has thyroid problems. She managed to lose 2 kilos in just 3 weeks.*

*A slow thyroid = fat accumulation

The thyroid is a small gland, located in the neck area, that determines how fast we burn calories. The thyroid gland uses hormones to control our metabolism and energy consumption. With a sluggish thyroid, the body can't produce enough thyroid hormones, which slows down all the processes in the body, including fat burning.

ThyroLux offers hormone-free thyroid support with 9 high-quality synergistic ingredients for effective symptom relief and optimal thyroid function.

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

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