Dejan: “They said results would be visible in 3 months, but I saw them after 3 weeks!”

Dejan's story is shared by many men today. He is middle-aged, has two children and a job where he has to sit behind his desk most of his time, which over the years has started to show in his weight, especially around his abdomen. 


“I was most bothered by my big stomach whenever I had to tie my shoelaces or bend down to pick up my son's toy. Then we had a sports day at my son's school with all the parents and children, and I couldn’t keep up. It hit me then and there - I never wanted to see that shame and dissapointment in my son’s eyes again.” 

After that day, Dejan decided to change his lifestyle. He introduced more variety to his diet, and he no longer skipped meals. He started hiking again, which has been a passion of his when he was younger. 

“I quickly started to feel better, but my waist stayed the same size. I was losing kilos, but the stomach fat just wouldn't go away. I guess all the years of greasy food and drinking beer left their mark”, Dejan recalls his weight-loss beginnings. 


Since there was little progress despite the lifestyle changes he made, he decided to add AdipoBurn capsules to his weight-loss routine as they target belly fat specifically, which seemed to be his biggest hurdle. 

“The website recommended a 3-month course, but believe it or not, I started seeing results in the first month of regular use!”

Dejan describes how he first noticed a change when he had to adjust his belt: "In less than a month I had to tighten my belt by 2 holes!”

Dejan's weight-loss mission lasted 6 months and in that time he lost a total of 20 kilos! He’s now succesfully kept his weight stable for another 6 months.


“After a while, when I bumped into someone I knew, they couldn't help but be amazed by the change. I still can't believe that it's really me in the old pictures.” 

Although he has been dedicated to eating better and exercised regularly, he knows that he couldn't have achieved the results he did without the help of AdipoBurn capsules.: 

“The results I saw so quickly after I started using AdipoBurn were what kept me going. I wouldn’t have had the motivation to continue otherwise.”  

And this change can happen to you too! AdipoBurn capsules for reducing belly fat are scientifically proven to: 

  • Reduce belly fat by up to -50% 
  • Reduce waist size by up to 7.5 cm 
  • Boost fat burning by 33% 

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