Michael: “I lost stomach fat, and my shirts felt looser.”

Michael is an accountant and spends most of his days in front of his computer. While he really likes his job, sitting for long hours has really taken a toll on his body over the years. He put on a lot of weight, and it really knocked his confidence down: “I tried keto, paleo and intermittent fasting, but the pounds weren’t coming off like in the younger days. I started hating my stomach and felt uncomfortable if I didn’t wear oversized sweaters.”

Michael's Testimonial

“I cut off carbs, I switched beer for wine, I even bought a gym membership…”

“I’ve tried a lot of things. I cut off carbs, I switched beer for wine, I even bought a gym membership… but I saw no significant results, so I just gave up,” remembers Michael. However, last November, his life changed completely. He caught a cold and visited the family doctor to get some relief.

When the doctor saw how much weight Michael had gained during the past months and how flaky his skin looked, he immediately took his blood sample. The results showed what the doctor feared most – Michael had shockingly high cholesterol levels. The diagnosis was clear – an overburdened liver.

The doctor recommended a complete liver detox

“At first, I was very surprised about the diagnosis. I thought the problem was my discipline and age, but the actual problem was that I was eating too much fat. The doctor even warned me not to do keto and paleo anymore because those diets were just increasing my cholesterol,” explains Michael and continues: “As the first step, before any drastic measures, my doctor recommended a full liver detox with Hepafar Forte PREMIUM. To me, this seemed too simple. However, I promised the doctor I would try it.”

“My stomach was flatter, and my shirts felt looser.”

“The first change that I noticed was improved digestion. I wasn’t spending so much time on the toilet, and I didn’t experience such bad gas as before. After two weeks, my energy increased. I had so much energy that I literally felt like I could run a marathon. By the end of the month, others started noticing changes, too. I lost quite a lot of stomach fat, and my shirts felt looser.”

“I couldn’t believe my cholesterol levels returned to normal after just 2 months.”

After two months of taking Hepafar, the doctor scheduled another appointment to check Michael’s progress. He was very satisfied when he saw that Michael had lost a lot of unhealthy abdominal fat.

After Michael’s blood test results came back, even the doctor was surprised at how quickly his cholesterol levels had lowered.

Michael remembers: “When I saw the blood test results, I couldn’t believe my cholesterol levels had returned to normal after just 2 months. After years of being overweight, I felt like everything was solved within the blink of an eye.”

Liver problems: a silent epidemic

In the modern world, millions of people suffer from liver problems due to factors such as unhealthy diets, inactive lifestyles, obesity, environmental toxins, and stress.

The problem is that, like in Michael’s case, people often don’t know that their liver is overwhelmed because the liver doesn’t hurt.

That’s why the best thing you can do for your liver is to lead a healthy lifestyle and regularly support your liver with detoxifying ingredients like artichoke, milk thistle, choline, dandelion, ginger, vitamin E, zinc, and selenium.

“I would never want to return to the lowest point in my life.”

“The doctor recommended doing regular liver detoxes, especially during times of increased stress and around holidays, when I have more fatty food and alcohol. I took his advice very seriously because I would never want to return to the lowest point in my life. I always keep a few boxes of HepaFAR in my cabinet.

Scientifically proven effects

Hepafar Forte PREMIUM has been scientifically proven to have 10*x greater bioavailability compared to similar products on the market – all thanks to the powerful PHOSPHOcomplex™ silybin, a patented form of milk thistle.

The formula also contains artichoke, VitaCholine®, dandelion, ginger, vitamin E, zinc, and selenium, which all contribute to liver health. And to finish it off, we also added black pepper, which increases the absorption of herbal extracts by at least 30%*.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, you might need a liver detox

When your liver is full of toxins, it can’t break down fat efficiently. That’s why people with an overburdened liver struggle to lose weight

Do you think your liver needs a detox? Hepafar Forte PREMIUM is a great choice for a natural liver detox. They come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

Get your package now!

*Results may vary from person to person from the information described on the website.

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