Summer is bad for your liver

Did you know your liver has a life of its own? It grows and shrinks daily! But why? Read on to find out.


Cells in your liver are sensitive to circadian rhythms and digestion patterns. When you are not eating (for example, at night), the liver is not as active. But when you eat food during the day, your liver can expand up to 50%! Yet, if you were to eat at night, your liver wouldn’t expand because it is not the right time of day. Eating at night is not a very good idea, but…

Liver on a summer schedule

What if you stayed up longer eating and drinking at strange night hours? This is what summer is, after all, with its long days, late evenings, unnatural eating (and, let’s be honest, drinking) patterns and post-holiday jet lag!

This means you’re burdening your liver and the rest of your body just by living on a summer schedule. When you eat or drink at the wrong time, your body doesn’t get the necessary enzymes and cannot convert food to helpful proteins and other molecules. That means your digestion is less than optimal as well.

It’s been well documented that disturbances in the circadian rhythm (such as shift work, chronic jet lag and sleep disturbances) are closely linked to metabolic syndrome (a cluster of problems including increased blood pressure, blood sugar, body fat and cholesterol or triglyceride levels), obesity and type 2 diabetes.

What can I do?

Since the liver is certainly under more stress in the summer than in the winter, you could give it a helping hand. For starters, try limiting your night-time escapades to 2 nights a week.

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  • vitamin E for protection from oxidative stress; and
  • black pepper extract for boosting absorption.

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