Oestrogen – the hidden enemy of men

Shrinking muscle mass, increased hair losstiredness, focus problems, mood swings, hot flashes, reduced sex drive, enlarged breast tissue… This may surprise you but these are not just the side effects of growing older. They may actually be signs of oestrogen dominance, a growing problem among men of all ages.


But wait, isn’t oestrogen the female sex hormone?

Higher amounts of oestrogen do tend to be present in biologically female bodies, which explains the nickname. But don’t let it fool youbiologically male bodies produce it tooso they’re just as susceptible to an oestrogen imbalance. Here’s why this matters.

Normal oestrogen levels are crucial to male sexuality

When oestrogen is in balance with testosterone (similarly dubbed the “male” sex hormone), it helps sustain normal sex drive, maintain the ability to have an erection and control sperm production. But due to ageing and the modern way of life, your body is flooded with oestrogen – which can take a huge toll on your health. 

Oestrogen dominance – the hormonal imbalance of the century

We’re surrounded by toxins, many of which are xenoestrogens – a group of endocrine disruptors which mimic our endogenous oestrogen. They increase the total amount of oestrogen in our bodies, disrupting our hormonal balance. The condition where there’s an excess of it in your body is called oestrogen dominanceLike other hormonal imbalances, oestrogen dominance is on the rise largely due to factors as basic as:

  • air pollution;
  • industrially produced and processed foods, which are laden with pesticides and other additives but lack nutrients that are crucial for good health;
  • poisonous chemicals in personal care, beauty and cleaning products, clothes, cigarettes and alcohol; 
  • lack of physical activity;
  • lack of sleep;
  • constant, everyday stress.

In other words, living in today’s world, high oestrogen levels are basically impossible to avoid.

But here’s how you can fight this

Start by minimising your exposure to the sources of xenoestrogens. This may require some adjustments to your lifestyle:

  • eat a balanced low-fat and high-fibre diet with lots of organic fruits and vegetables, and avoid processed foods, sugar, alcohol, white bread and too much coffee;
  • support your digestion with probiotics – sauerkraut or kimchi can go a long way here;
  • make sure to drink enough water;
  • try to work out regularly and lose excess body fat – fat cells make oestrogen as well, so the less, the better;
  • opt for paraben-free health & beauty products, and natural and organic cleaning products;
  • avoid plastic in all shapes and sizes – start by switching from your plastic water bottle to a glass one;
  • get enough sleep (at least 7 hours a night) and learn to manage stress (try yoga, meditation or just listen to some music – whatever helps you decompress)

EstroLux is here to help

For better results, we suggest complementing your diet and lifestyle with EstroLux – a plant-based, hormone-free and soy-free supplement designed to reduce oestrogen levels and redress the balance in a natural way.

Its 3-in-1 action helps:

  1. BLOCK oestrogen: by preventing it from binding to target cells
  2. DEACTIVATE it: by supporting the normal function of the liver, the main organ responsible for filtering excess oestrogen out of the body
  3. ELIMINATE it: by supporting digestive health; good digestion helps expel oestrogen, preventing it from reabsorbing into the body.

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