Lorella Flego: "My experience after 6 months of taking collagen supplements."

Collagen is a protein that supports various body tissues, as confirmed by several scientific studies. These studies have shown that the intake of collagen peptides can improve skin hydration and elasticity and reduce facial wrinkles. And as if that wasn’t enough, collagen can help fight cellulite and reduce skin waviness on the thighs.

Nearly all women take collagen supplements nowadays, especially after 35, because we all know how much collagen we start losing and what the consequences of collagen loss are: wrinkles, less skin elasticity, weak hair, and brittle nails. Thankfully, collagen supplements have changed a lot over the years. Initially, they left a bad taste in the mouth and were hard to digest, but today they’re entirely different.


Foods that stimulate collagen production include pumpkin seeds. When eaten daily, pumpkin seeds provide 20% of the recommended daily collagen intake. Zinc, a mineral that plays a vital role in collagen synthesis, is another essential nutrient, as are leafy greens, strawberries (rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid, an antioxidant which inhibits collagen breakdown), garlic, and sulphur.

Like men, many women also go through hair thinning as they age. It is advisable to take collagen regularly, as it has a positive impact on hair growth and strengthens your nails.

The following factors can affect collagen loss:

  • genetics
  • unhealthy diet
  • smoking
  • stress
  • air pollution

Although the body produces collagen naturally, increasing collagen intake by taking supplements is always a good idea. There are many of them on the market, but often, the comments and reviews aren’t helpful. They all look good at first glance, but whether they work is anyone’s guess.

In any case, I believe a beautiful, youthful appearance is always a combination of several factors: exercise, food supplements, advances in the beauty industry, and personal well-being.


My experience

​​​​​​​“I’ve been taking collagen supplements for six months now, and every month I’m amazed by the results. At first, it was just a ‘feeling’: you look in the mirror and think you see fewer wrinkles around the eyes and that your skin is more radiant than before, but you’re not 100% sure; perhaps you just had a good night’s sleep. As the months go by, the feeling increases, and gradually, other improvements come along: hair, nails, muscle tone, and even body strength.

Collagen supplements can even tighten your neck wrinkles, which, as women will be the first to tell you, are annoying and give away your true age. Overall, my skin feels more hydrated and looks softer, fresher, and healthier. My nails are less brittle, I have fewer split ends, and my hair looks shinier and thicker.​“​​​​​

Collagen as part of my daily routine

“Sensilab’s Avenobo Collagen Luxury Complex, which I use, tastes like blackberries, is easy to drink and gets absorbed quickly. It is free from artificial flavourings, colourings, and other unnecessary additives.

As with everything in life, persistence is key. If we want something to work, we need to create a routine. It’s like exercise: if you want to see results, you need to work out for at least half an hour. Well, with collagen, it’s much easier because the only thing you have to do is drink it, preferably in the morning after breakfast instead of a glass of water. What I also like about it is that it dissolves quickly, is lump-free, and is easy to digest.”


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