Angie: "While I was dieting and working out, my gut bacteria held onto every calorie."

When Angie turned 40, she promised herself that she would work out every day, eat well, and lose 15 kilograms by her next birthday. From then on, she began each day with a resistance workout, walked 10,000 steps every afternoon, and counted every calorie she ate. But when she blew 41 candles, she had only lost 3 kilograms. 

She was disappointed and fed up with everything. But then, she finally discovered what was stopping her from losing weight. Three months later, Angie dropped 12 kilograms and continues to lose weight weekly: “This solution could have saved me from months of torture.”

Angie's Testimonial

“I wasn’t expecting a miracle, but enough is enough.”

“Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t expecting results the very first day. I knew that my age was working against me. But when you work out 7 times per week, 52 weeks per year, and only ditch 3 kilos, you lose your will.

By my 41st birthday, I was angry at my body and disappointed in myself for not achieving my goals. So, I decided I was done with everything and cut myself a big slice of cake.”

“I wish I knew I was on the verge of a big breakthrough.”

“I spent the next two weeks pitying myself and drowning my sorrow in food. But then, one chat with a colleague completely changed my understanding of weight loss. This is how it happened...

Over lunch, I was whining to my colleague about my miserable year, and he immediately knew what was going on. Apparently, his sister had similar problems until she reset her gut. Then, she started dropping weight like crazy.”

“If I lived in a cave, I’d consider myself lucky.”

“The colleague explained that some bacteria can make you lean, and others can make you obese. The ‘obese’ bacteria absorb more calories from the food to build extra reserves for times when food isn’t plentiful. Thirty thousand years ago, when we were living in caves, this was a great evolutionary advantage. But today, it isn’t very helpful. Quite the opposite.”

“The bacteria in my gut held onto my fat for dear life.”

“I realised that the harder I tried to lose weight, the harder my gut bacteria worked to save my fat reserves. It all made sense. So, I was desperate to find out what I could do to change that.

The colleague said his sister repopulated her gut with ‘lean’ bacteria using a special slimming probiotic. He called her and asked for the exact name. The supplement was called BellyBurn Biotic by Sensilab.”

“When I included gut into the equation, things started to fall into place.”

“I immediately ordered these probiotics, and after only a week, I started seeing the results.

At first, I felt less hungry. Apparently, the ‘lean’ bacteria regulate your appetite – in contrast with the ‘obese’ bacteria that increase it. Then, I started noticing that I was less bloated, especially after lunch.

After two weeks, I stepped on a scale and couldn’t believe it. I already dropped 1 kilogram and a half!”

“In only 3 months, I’ve reached my dream weight.”

“In the previous year, I worked so hard to lose the first 3 kilograms, but now I was ditching weight without even trying. In only 3 months, I lost 12 kilograms, and it didn’t seem like this process would slow down anytime soon. I was ecstatic.”

“I recommended BellyBurn Biotic to my best friend, and she can’t thank me enough.”

“Since primary school, my best friend and I have been ‘big-boned’ girls. Hence, after seeing the results, I immediately called her and told her about slimming probiotics. She has already lost 5 kilos, and she can’t thank me enough!

BellyBurn Biotic is packed with 200 billion slimming bacteria

BellyBurn Biotic delivers 15 billion bacteria to your gut with a single capsule and completely resets your gut in the shortest possible time. The star of the formula is a special lactic acid strain, L. plantarum IMC 510®, that is abundant in the gut of lean people.

The research showed that people, on average, lost almost 3 kg and trimmed their waist by about 3 cm in only 30 days. And the weight loss continued even after they stopped taking the supplement.

Everybody promises; BellyBurn Biotic delivers

BellyBurn Biotic’s powerful results come from its double action, as it is a slimming probiotic and a fat burner at the same time! Thus, in addition to L. plantarum IMC 510®, it also contains: 

  • green tea that stimulates fat melting and speeds up metabolism;  
  • chicory root, which is rich in fibre that bacteria can feed on;  
  • pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which is crucial for healthy energy levels; and
  • vitamin B6 that helps convert food into energy. 

If your weight doesn’t budge no matter what you do, there’s a big chance your gut is populated with the ‘obese’ bacteria. Luckily, with the help of BellyBurn Biotic, you can reset your gut and finally break the weight-loss plateau, just like Angie and hundreds of others!

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