Juliana: “This is a real miracle in my life.”

Juliana and her husband

Day after day, for many years, Juliana and her husband have been in crippling pain because of their back problems. They struggled to work, play with their daughter, and, ultimately, enjoy their life. 

A few months ago, Juliana received an email with a seemingly simple but revolutionary solution, and they decided to give it a go. Today, the back pain is no longer holding them back from living their life to the fullest. “This is a real miracle in my life,” Juliana wrote in her thank-you letter. 

“Since I started taking it, my pain has disappeared.” 

“I have lordosis and scoliosis and have had back pain all my life. Sitting in the office all day or simply walking with some weight causes severe pain in my shoulders. 

I also often get pain from inflammation of my sciatic nerve. Turmeric capsules are a real miracle in my life. Since I started taking it, my pain has disappeared. Because work and home activities take up so much of my time, I haven’t been able to do any physical exercise.” 

“He would lie in bed all day because of the pain.” 

“Because I like the product so much, I recommended it to my husband. Although he did countless exercises to strengthen his spine and even expensive treatments with specialists, he always had constant back pain. He would lie in bed all day because of the pain. 

And the result for him was the same: the pain disappeared. Turmeric capsules are a must at home. He feels better taking two capsules a day, and so do I. We love this product!” 

Their daughter finally got her parents back 

“Thank you, Sensilab, for helping to improve the couple’s well-being. Our little daughter thanks you, now that she has parents who are more excited to play in the park,” Juliana concluded in her letter. 

The product that changed her and her family’s lives is AVENOBO Curcuma FORTE, one of the strongest turmeric supplements on the market. 

The natural supplement that revives you from head to toe 

There isn’t a single body part that doesn’t benefit from AVENOBO Curcuma Forte. Its formula protects the liver, heart function, immune system, bones, muscles, the nervous system, brain, lungs, upper respiratory tract, and skin. Moreover, it also supports digestion, prevents fat accumulation, and helps you lose extra weight! 

185x* higher bioavailability for real effects 

AVENOBO Curcuma FORTE contains pure curcumin, which is the bioactive component responsible for turmeric’s multiple therapeutic effects. For reference, the turmeric on your kitchen shelf contains only about 3% of curcumin. Hence, eating raw turmeric won’t benefit you much unless you’re using it purely to enhance the flavour of your cooking masterpieces. 

Another problem is that your body can’t absorb curcumin on its own, so most of it gets flushed out by the liver. That’s why we encapsulated curcumin extract in micelle, a water-soluble coating, which maximises its bioavailability and actually brings the promised benefits. That makes AVENOBO Curcuma FORTE superior. 

AVENOBO Curcuma FORTE capsules offer:

  • 185x* higher bioavailability
  • 6.8x* faster curcumin absorption
  • 24*-hour guaranteed retention
  • One capsule is equal to 11 standard turmeric capsules
  • 2-in-1 effect: slimming and immunity
  • Enhanced with ginger and vitamin D3

Regardless of the health problem you’re facing, curcumin can support your well-being and improve your everyday life, just like it did for Juliana and her husband. Seize the opportunity with our special 1+1 offer!


Nagpal, M., & Sood, S. (2013). Role of curcumin in systemic and oral health: An overview. Journal of natural science, biology, and medicine, 4(1), 3–7. https://doi.org/10.4103/0976-9668.107253

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