Barbara and Ivan: “After getting rid of joint pain, we can enjoy time with our family instead of burdening them.”

67-year-old Ivan has worked in construction his whole life, so he was no stranger to joint pain. However, two years ago, his pain increased to the point where he struggled with the smallest tasks. Then, his 62-year-old wife Barbara discovered this joint supplement that helped him get rid of his pain completely.

Just recently, Barbara started feeling some wear on her knee. But thanks to the very same joint supplement, her knee quickly got better, allowing her to work in the garden and play with the grandkids again. She sent us a thank-you letter saying, “Because of this supplement, we can continue with our beloved daily walks and spend quality time with the family. Thank you for giving us a new lease on life!”

Barbara and Ivan's Testimonial

“Suddenly, he couldn’t do any of the things he used to do.”

“My husband Ivan struggled with mild joint pain over the years due to the physically demanding nature of his job in construction. But two years ago, his joint issues became significantly more severe. He couldn’t join me for our daily walk anymore, and he started spending nights on the couch because he struggled to walk up and down the stairs.

He also couldn’t repair the leaking roof, trim the hedge, or mow the lawn. Thankfully, our son was always ready to lend a hand, but I could see how much it pained Ivan that he couldn’t do it himself.”

“The house started to feel like a prison to him.”

“In the following months, Ivan grew increasingly grumpy because he felt like his joint pain tied him to the house. It was so bad that he even agreed to visit the doctor, which he always tried to avoid.

Unfortunately, the doctor only advised him to try light mobility exercises – which is what he was already doing – and prescribed him painkillers to ease his pain.”

“I heard about this joint supplement on the local radio.”

“Then, one day, I overheard a commercial on the local radio. They were advertising a supplement called ArthroFar, which can supposedly relieve joint pain and improve mobility. They featured real stories of people who got excellent results after they started taking it – from famous athletes to patients with arthritis and people of our generation.

I immediately called our son and asked him to order a package from their online store.”

“He started moving like he was ten years younger!”

“After Ivan started taking ArthroFar, things quickly began to improve. In about five days, he started sleeping in the bedroom again. And after a month, he started joining me for our daily walks and could even mow the lawn!

It was delightful to see how his face lit up. We were also glad we didn’t need to rely on our son so much, as he has his hands full with his three young children. Ivan now refuses ever to give up this supplement and continues to take it to this day!”

“When I started experiencing knee pain, I knew exactly what to do.”

“Three months ago, I started feeling pain in my left knee, especially when working in the garden and before the rain. I knew that osteoarthritis runs on my mother’s side, so I got quite concerned.

I immediately started taking ArthroFar, hoping it would work as wonderfully for me as it did for my husband. Fortunately, it did! After a month of taking it, my pain was gone, and I could weed and plant for hours.”

“It’s like we got a new lease on life!”

“Today, my husband and I are incredibly agile and able to play with our youngest grandchildren – whether we’re picking them up, playing in the park or sitting with them on the floor.

We’re still walking at least 5 kilometres daily and doing all the work outside of the house by ourselves. We hope to keep it like that as long as possible, so we take ArthroFar every morning and afternoon. It’s a true blessing. Thank you, Sensilab.”

ArthroFar improves joint functionality by 74*%!

With age, you begin to lose bone density and muscle mass, which can cause joint damage and pain. On top of that, your body produces less collagen, which is the building block of cartilage, tendons, and ligaments in the joints.

Thus, it’s not surprising that around 70% of older adults currently experience some sort of joint pain.

But despite joint issues being a normal part of ageing, they are not a necessary part. By taking ArthroFar, you can repair the damage and prevent further deterioration of each component of your joint’s structure, including bones, muscles, cartilage, and connective tissue.

This results in decreased joint discomfort by up to 60*%, improved mobility by up to 68*%, and increased functionality by up to 74*%. This way, you can stay active at all stages of your life!

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.


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