How Martina managed to lose weight and gain more energy

Martina is a 32-year-old designer who went through a difficult period. She started taking birth control, gained some weight and was under a lot of stress. This is when her thyroid problems began.


A sluggish thyroid can make your life harder!

A sluggish thyroid doesn’t release enough thyroid hormones, causing your metabolism to slow down – which leads to calory surplus and weight gain. You can also notice feeling down, lacking energy and experiencing cold hands and feet.

“I was always tired!”

Martina’s problems were very typical. “I was always tired! I was suffering from mood swings and was feeling unfocused and unmotivated. I also experienced swelling.”

That’s when she came across Glandline ThyroLux on Facebook and decided to try it out. She wanted relief from the swelling of her limbs and constant bloating.


“I have more energy, my mood is stable!”

She started using ThyroLux and noticed changes within a week. “I have more energy, my mood is stable. My belly isn’t bloated and I have even lost a little weight!”*

Keep your thyroid in check with ThyroLux!

ThyroLux offers hormone-free thyroid support with powerful 4-in-1 action: it balances thyroid hormones, promotes weight loss, improves focus and strengthens hair & skin. It boosts your metabolism and increases energy levels. It also speeds up your digestion and detoxification!*

“ThyroLux has really helped me and I want to keep using it!”

ThyroLux is based on natural active ingredients, something Martina really appreciates. She’s feeling very good in her body now.  “The change came within a week and it’s been constant ever since! ThyroLux has really helped me and I want to keep using it!”


Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.

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