Dana: "EstroLux was exactly what I needed!"

Dana is a 44-year-old mother and saleswoman. Even though she is quite tall at 180 cm, she has an apple-shaped figure and the fat deposits on her stomach and legs have tormented her for years...


"I was always slim, but after giving birth to 3 children, my hormones were going crazy and I got went from 70 kg to 110 kg. I felt terrible and not like myself. It was very frustrating. Moving around was starting to be a problem, all my clothes were too small, I had to start buying bigger sizes. I lost my confidence and didn't want to be among other people. When people around me started pointing out how I've changed, I finally had enough!”

Sensilab products helped her

"Unfortunately, I struggled to stick to diets ... Thankfully, I found Sensilab one day when browsing the internet and it was exactly what I was looking for. I was amazed by the wide range of products, the affordability, product composition and of course the reviews on the website and social networks.”

EstroLux changed her life

"EstroLux was exactly what I needed to tackle my problems - water retention, hormonal imbalance, excess weight ... I noticed a change after a month of use, without significantly changing my diet, and even though I barely exercised, the scale suddenly showed I lost 6 kg,* which was a very powerful moment! While I was using Estrolux, my life completely changed, my mood improved, my clothes fitted better, the swelling of my hands and feet disappeared, and my digestion improved.* It finally motivated me to start taking better care of myself, I started eating healthier, drinking more water regularly, going for long walks, the world suddenly seemed nicer. ”

She feels great now!

"Now I feel great, much lighter and no longer as moody as I was before due to hormonal imbalance, all thanks to EstroLux! I'll keep going and I'll definitely try other products! I'm happy to have discovered your brand and thankful for the results they brought. Finally, I feel like myself and my life is a little better and healthier!

EstroLux - natural ingredients and no hormones

Do you also struggle with water retention, hormonal imbalances and weight gain? Say STOP once and for all with EstroLux and make sure your oestrogen levels are balanced today!

*[Results may vary.]

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