6 easy, everyday ways to boost fat burning

Do you want to know how you can burn hundreds of extra calories every day without doing any exercise? Or maybe you do exercise and diet but just want that extra push to give faster results. Read on to find out what takes close to zero effort but still burns extra calories!


1. Chew gum

While each piece of gum contains about 2 calories, you burn it all – and then some! If you chew gum throughout the day, you can chew up quite a number of extra calories - up 11 per hour! This is something anyone can do; it’s easy, it doesn’t feel like exercise and it gives you minty fresh breath! Just make sure you don’t pop bubble gum in the middle of a meeting.

2. Fidget

Yes, this goes against what you’ve been taught as a child, repeatedly, at school, at church, at lunch. We’ve got good news! Fidget to your heart’s desire! Play with your hair, move in your chair, tap your foot (but do try not to drive your co-workers crazy) – this can help you burn lots of extra calories, every single day.

3. Sit on the floor

We know you can’t do this at the office, but you can do it at home. When watching a film or your favourite show, don’t lounge on the couch – sit on the rug instead. Why? When you’re sitting on the floor, your body has to support itself – more muscles are involved and more calories are burned.

4. Take the stairs

Taking the stairs instead of the lift (or at least go the last 2 or 3 stories by foot) can be a huge help. Just three trips, 5 minutes each, rack up to 15 minutes of physical activity and over 100 extra calories burned.

5. Turn down the thermostat

One study showed that just by sitting in a room for 2 hours daily at 17°C for 6 weeks, people experienced a significant drop in body fat. It may be a good idea to set your room temperature a bit lower than what you’re used to. It looks like you can melt fat with cold!

6. Take FatOut! T5 Superstrength

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