It’s time to say goodbye to prostate and urinary problems once and for all!

Researchers have made a revolutionary discovery: finally, there’s a long-awaited solution for prostate problems!

The statistic** is staggering – about 50*% of all men aged 50-61 and up to 90*% of men over 80 have enlarged prostate! The prostate is a small sex gland that forms a part of the male reproductive system. It’s located below the bladder and envelops a part of the urethra. The enlargement of the prostate is a process that naturally occurs with age.

Apart from advanced age, the most common factors for an enlarged prostate include genetics, unhealthy diet, exaggerated alcohol consumption (especially beer), excessive weight, lack of exercise, smoking, etc.

Enlarged prostate

An enlarged prostate ends up pressing against the urethra, causing urinary problems. A closer look reveals that most problems include:

  • urinary urgency (the inability to delay urination);
  • urinary frequency (feeling the need to urinate eight or more times a day);
  • persistent night-time urinary urgency;
  • trouble starting a urine stream;
  • weak or interrupted urine stream;
  • dripping of urine; and 
  • the inability to fully empty the bladder.

After many years of research, scientists have finally made a revolutionary discovery. They’ve developed a unique formula with nine incredible ingredients that support healthy prostate function, balance testosterone levels, and relieve prostate problems!

Hans acted fast after he started experiencing urinary problems

Hans works in administration and is used to long hours in the office. His job is the main reason for a mostly sedentary lifestyle with little exercise and unhealthy dietary choices. Hans started having urinary problems as he was approaching his 55th birthday. He went to the doctor, and his issues were initially attributed to an infection. After a round of antibiotic treatment, things didn’t improve much, so Hans scheduled another visit with his primary physician. She referred him to a urologist because she suspected his problems might be connected to an enlarged prostate. After some tests, the urologist confirmed the diagnosis.

Hans was surprised he was already facing the same problems as his 80-year-old father.

“I knew older men usually suffer from prostate problems, but I wasn’t aware they can already start in your fifties.”

And yet, a quick search on the internet revealed men could start experiencing prostate-related urinary issues as early as in their forties!

“I was shocked! I didn’t want to start taking medicine right away. Instead, I decided to try and find a natural supplement that would suit my needs!”

“I disappeared into the depths of the internet for a whole weekend, so my wife even started about how I was glued to my phone,” Hans admits with a smile.

“I narrowed my choice to three options. After comparing ingredients, quality and price, I decided to give Sensilab’s ProstaFar a go.”

“I couldn’t be happier with my choice!”

“I’ve been taking ProstaFar for 2* months and have no intention of stopping. It honestly helped me so much! I don’t need to visit the toilet so often, and when I do, I find relief much faster.”

How does this supplement work?

There are quite a few ingredients in this formula that deserve to be mentioned. Still, the main star is, without a doubt, pumpkin seed extract, which helps maintain good bladder function. The research** shows that pumpkin seed extract increases the urinary flow on average by more than 31*%, decreases urination frequency (by 23.9*% during the day and 56.5*% during the night) and improves the quality of life by more than 46*%.

Other ingredients that make this formula so unique are saw palmetto, nettle, flaxseed, lycopene, quercetin, zinc, selenium, and vitamin B6.

All ingredients were carefully selected because of their beneficial impact on prostate and men’s health.

Prostate benefits

Miguel finally got his night-time rest back

Miguel is a recently retired lawyer. Since he retired, he’s been looking forward to sleeping longer, but unfortunately, urinary problems interfered with his plans.  

“I’ve had some urinary problems due to an enlarged prostate for quite some time, but somehow, I managed them well. However, ever since I retired, my sleep has been disturbed. I needed to get up multiple times per night, which left me feeling exhausted and without energy during the day.”  

“What’s worse, my nightly bathroom visits have been waking my wife, so she even mentioned I should start sleeping on the couch.” 

Miguel mentioned his troubles to a friend, who recommended ProstaFar

“I know a friend who also suffered from prostate problems, so I asked him for advice. He recommended ProstaFar. I ordered it immediately, and my situation has drastically improved since I started using it.” 

Quick results

It is important to remember that all people are different, so it can vary how quickly the effects of ProstaFar start showing. Therefore, we recommend using this product for at least 3 months. Still, using it indefinitely or repeating the 3-month process whenever needed is entirely safe.

Miguel is happy to recommend this product to his friends and family.

“I started noticing changes fairly quickly. Now I take one capsule after breakfast, and one after lunch, and the running joke between my wife and me is life ‘before ProstaFar’ and life “after ProstaFar.’”   

“I no longer have to get up during the night, and there is no more talk of separate bedrooms.” 

ProstaFar is a perfect choice! 

Harry has been using this product for a few months and is just one of our satisfied clients.

“I couldn’t be happier.”

“I am delighted to report that this product truly works. I started noticing the first results after only a few* days, and I’m very satisfied.”

Charles defied his scepticism and got rid of his problems

Like all men in his family, Charles, too, started dealing with prostate problems around the age of 60. His main complaints were urinary urgency, frequency, and inability to empty the bladder fully.  

Charles says his problems affected his social life because he didn’t want to leave home any more.  

“I started avoiding going out. The thought of not knowing whether I could find a toilet was making me nervous, which only exacerbated my problems.”

Even though Charles doesn’t trust supplements, his cousin sent him ProstaFar.

“Phillip said I should try this product. It helped him, and he was adamant it would also help me. I didn’t want to offend him by rejecting the gift, so I gave it a try.”

“I soon noticed improvement.”

“I could hardly believe my eyes! Phillip was right; the product worked wonders. I ordered a new box when I noticed my supply was running out.”  

Charles says he’s happy to share his story if it can help others recognise themselves and find a solution.

Millions of men struggle with prostate problems  

Ageing and lower levels of testosterone, genetics, an unhealthy diet with excessive amounts of alcohol and coffee, excess weight, and lack of physical activity are all factors that contribute to the enlargement of the prostate and, consequently, to urinary problems.  

The right solution for prostate-related issues is a healthier lifestyle in combination with a product that aids healthy prostate function, balances testosterone levels, and offers relief from urinary problems.  

Luckily, our best-selling product is the top choice among men’s health products to help achieve this. 

Different ingredients working in synergy towards a common goal 

Besides pumpkin seed extract, our formula is enriched with numerous other ingredients beneficial to prostate health.  

Saw palmetto is promoted as a food supplement for symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate gland. It’s recommended as a source of fatty acids that support reproductive function and beneficially affect men’s health.  

Flax seeds support healthy prostate function in ageing men, while nettle is traditionally used to support urinary function.  

Then there are zinc, vitamin B6, and selenium, which maintain normal testosterone levels and protect cells from oxidative stress.  

Last but not least, we’ve added lycopene, regarded for its role in prostate health and quercetin, associated with various health benefits. 

ProstaFar can: 

  • support healthy prostate function;  
  • decrease urinary frequency by 23.9*% during the day and 56.5*% during the night;
  • improve urinary flow by more than 31*% on average;  
  • help maintain healthy testosterone levels; and  
  • improve the quality of life by more than 46*%.

Join Steve and other satisfied customers who reported significant improvement! 

After three months of continuous use of ProstaFar, Steve got in touch to thank us for the help and share his story.  

“I struggled with a urinary frequency, which also disturbed my sleep. As a result, I felt exhausted during the day and had no energy to do the things I love.” 

“It’s very affordable too.” 

Steve adds: “The doctor examined me to see if something was seriously wrong, but he explained that prostate problems are normal at my age. So, after I left his office, I made a choice to try a product I had seen advertised. I was a bit sceptical at first but decided to try it anyways.”  

“I started taking two capsules a day, and I noticed the first changes after about 2* weeks when my visits to the toilet became less frequent. This all made my everyday life much better. Now I’ve been using it ever since and won’t stop!” 

“My life took a turn for the better after I started using it.” 

Robert finally found a solution

After years of struggles, Robert almost gave up: “I was at my wit’s end. I constantly felt the urge to pee, but when I got to the toilet, I had trouble peeing, and it would take me forever to find relief. I first had to check where the toilet was located wherever I went to feel secure. The whole thing was driving me bonkers, I tell you.” 

He soon noticed improvements 

My daughter had had enough of my constant complaints and bought ProstaFar for me. Of course, my expectations weren’t high. What with all the other pills I had to take, I didn’t think a supplement would do any good. But she said it couldn’t hurt to try, so I obliged, and I couldn’t be happier. I soon noticed improvement, and my social calendar is full again!” 

“It’s really affordable and very effective.” 

After months of using this product, Robert confirms it has helped change his life drastically, and he cannot thank his daughter enough. “It’s so effective I never want to stop taking it.” 

“If you don’t see results immediately, don’t give up!” 

“I’m happy to recommend this product to everyone. If it helps me, I’m sure it can help everyone. But please remember we are all different; for some, it might take longer than for others to see the results. So it’s essential to be patient and not give up!” 

Fight an enlarged prostate with nature!

ProstaFar provides all the support the prostate needs. Not only is our product a solution many clients swear by, but we are constantly improving the formula in line with the latest studies and have clinical data to back up its efficacy. 

Here’s how ProstaFar works 

ProstaFar contains the optimal blend of ingredients that support prostate health. Our formula helps improve the quality of life and fight prostate problems by supporting healthy prostate function, balancing testosterone levels, and relieving urinary issues. 

Remarkable effects!

Thousands of customers have already tried ProstaFar and experienced amazing results. Their stories prove that it helps with: 

  • supporting healthy prostate function; 
  • decreasing urinary frequency during the day & night; 
  • improving urinary flow; 
  • maintaining balanced testosterone levels; and 
  • improving the overall quality of life. 

ProstaFar is quickly becoming the number 1 product for prostate support on the market. We recommend using it for at least three months, but it’s completely safe to use indefinitely.  

The bestseller among products that support a healthy prostate function!  

Every day, thousands of people reach for ProstaFar and experience remarkable results! This product can improve prostate health and general well-being.  

Support your prostate and join thousands of happy ProstaFar users! Get a special promotional price now and experience the amazing effects for yourself! 

*Disclaimer: the effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important. 


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