It's time to say goodbye to (peri)menopausal symptoms

Researchers have made a revolutionary discovery: there’s finally an answer for hormonal imbalance during (peri)menopause! 

85*% of women experience or will experience (peri)menopausal symptoms in their lifetime. During perimenopause (a state of transition before menopause) and menopause, women experience a significant hormone imbalance, especially in oestrogen levels, which can lead to various, sometimes debilitating, symptoms. 

The most common signs include hot flashes, night sweats, sleep problems, mood swings, increased appetite, weight gain (especially in the stomach area), vaginal dryness, and loss of libido. The shocking part is these symptoms can occur as early as in our 30s! 

In recent years, experts in women’s health have been dedicating their time to searching for ingredients that could offer support during this transitional stage of life and have found a promising ingredient: hop extract! 

Christina has struggled with (peri)menopausal symptoms for years  

Perimenopause, the state of transition before menopause, can last up to 10 years. It can have all-encompassing consequences, impacting our sleep, confidence, and ability to live life to the fullest. 

Christina decided to take matters into her own hands and purchased M-Pause, the premium-quality supplement for menopausal support. 

“I recently encountered an ad online for this product, and I knew it sounded perfect for me. It contains ingredients I have heard about that support women during menopause: hop extract and red clover.” 

“[It’s] making a massive difference!” 

“I’ve been using M-Pause regularly for nearly 2* months, and it’s really making a massive difference. I’m experiencing fewer hot flashes and night sweats, and consequently, I can also sleep better now. I’ve even lost some weight!” 

M-Pause contains a unique patented form of hop extract, Lifenol®. Studies show that it can help reduce hot flashes and night sweats and greatly alleviate other troubling aspects of (peri)menopause, like irritability, sleep problems, headaches, weight gain, mood swings, concentration problems, and low energy levels. 

In addition, to hop extract, the formula is enhanced with other natural-based ingredients like red clover, which also helps alleviate menopausal symptoms, and chicory root, which supports digestion and weight loss. The formula is strengthened by adding black pepper, which supports the absorption and utilisation of the other ingredients. 

How does this product work?

Powered by hop and red clover extracts rich in phytoestrogens (plant-based oestrogen-like substances), M-Pause balances oestrogen levels and provides the relief women in (peri)menopause desperately need. Studies** show the hop extract Lifenol® alone can reduce hot flashes by 4* times and night sweats by 2*! But wait, there’s more! 

It can also significantly reduce the distressing signs women experience daily, including irritability, sleep problems, headaches, weight gain, mood swings, concentration problems and low energy levels. In fact, its super-strong action helped users achieve 2*x fewer perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms after just 6* weeks! 

A randomised, double-blind and placebo-controlled study** confirmed that women experienced 4*x fewer hot flashes after just 6* weeks of supplementing! 

In short, this means that this revolutionary natural-based product can help with signs of (peri)menopause like: 

  • hot flashes & night sweats;
  • sleep problems;
  • mood swings;
  • increased appetite and weight gain; and
  • loss of libido. 

Sarah finally found a solution for hot flashes!

Sarah began experiencing more severe menopausal symptoms in her late 40s. She followed all the usual recommendations, ate a healthy diet, and exercised, but nothing did the trick. 

“I couldn’t be happier!”  

“This product was the only thing that helped. The hot flashes were the worst part – and now they’re nearly gone. I couldn’t be happier.” 

Quick relief from (peri)menopausal symptoms 

It can vary how quickly this product will deliver results. It’s important to remember that problems associated with (peri)menopause can differ significantly between individuals, and there is no one-day solution. Some people may notice effects within days; others might need a bit longer. We recommend using this product for at least three months, but it’s completely safe to use for longer if needed! 

“I noticed a rapid improvement.”  

Sarah is happy to recommend this product to everyone she meets. She’s also appreciative of the addition of chicory root, which supports digestion and weight loss. 

“I noticed a rapid improvement. I take one capsule every day, and there’s a visible difference. I’m happy to report that after a long period of discomfort, the hot flashes and night sweats have all but disappeared.”  

This supplement is the perfect choice

Nicola has been using this product for a couple of months now and is just one of many happy customers. 

“[It] works wonders.”  

“I’m delighted to report that this product works wonders. I noticed that my problems were much easier to manage after just a few days, and it’s only improved since then. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, and I can honestly say that every woman my age needs this product!” 

Helen was sceptical – but not for long!

Helen struggled with hot flashes and night sweats, to the point that it interrupted her night-time rest. Even though she’s usually a bit sceptical about supplements, she decided to put her scepticism aside and try this product. It turned out to be exactly what she needed. 

“I was always sweaty, and it was really impacting my self-esteem. Luckily, a friend that was going through menopause at about the same time recommended M-Pause!” 

“[It] didn’t take long to convince me.” 

“After a couple of weeks, life became more bearable, so it didn’t take long to convince me. Now that I’ve been using it for a few months, all the negative aspects of menopause have subsided, and I finally feel like I can enjoy my life to the fullest again.” 

Helen couldn’t be more grateful to her friend who recommended the product and now gladly recommends it to other women going through the same thing. 

Millions of women struggle during this transitional stage of life… But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

The modern lifestyle doesn’t make it any easier for women: stress, excess weight, too much caffeine – all of these can make the signs of menopause worse. There are also other factors which we might not immediately consider, like smoking, alcohol, and even spicy food! 

Reducing stress and sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be helpful. When those hot flashes come knocking, reach for a portable fan. Opt for natural materials for clothing and bedding, like cotton or linen.  

And remember, when all else fails, our best-selling M-Pause capsules are here to offer support! 

Different ingredients working together towards a shared goal 

Besides the incredible patented hop extract, the formula includes other powerful ingredients. 

The addition of red clover strengthens the menstrual-symptoms-relieving effects and makes menopause calmer and more comfortable. Chicory root aids digestion and promotes weight loss. Black pepper supports the absorption and utilisation of other ingredients, increasing their effectiveness. 

Here’s what it can do:

  • Relieve menopausal discomfort 
  • Promote good sleep 
  • Reduce hot flashes, night sweats and other menopausal symptoms 
  • Facilitate weight loss 

You get a GIFT with every purchase: a FREE e-book with the best health tips, nutritional advice, and delicious recipes!  

Join Gemma and other satisfied customers!  

After two months of using M-Pause, Gemma contacted us to share her story. 

“I was really struggling during menopause because of the endless sweating and hot flashes. I had a lot of digestive issues as well; altogether, I felt really uncomfortable constantly.” 

“The price-quality ratio is hard to believe!” 

She adds: “The doctor gave me all the usual tips, but I couldn’t find any relief. I wanted something that was natural-based, and I decided to seek out a solution on my own. Luckily, I came across M-Pause!” 

“After a few months, I can say I’m incredibly impressed. The price-quality ratio is hard to believe! My digestion has improved, and I experience significantly fewer hot flashes. All I can say is: WOW!” 

Vicky finally found a solution

Like many women, Vicky experienced all the typical symptoms of menopause. She says the worst were the hot flashes: “I wouldn’t go anywhere without a change of clothes. I could never relax, and my confidence suffered.” 

She noticed improvements quickly

“I came across an advertisement for M-Pause online and figured I had nothing to lose. I thought I would try something with natural extracts before reaching for the hormonal treatments my doctor recommended. I didn’t entirely believe it would help me, I must admit.” 

After a couple of weeks of using M-Pause, Vicky happily admits that she was wrong: “It’s helped improve my life massively. It’s really effective and inexpensive!” 

Fight back against (peri)menopausal problems

M-Pause is here to provide the support every woman needs to fight back against (peri)menopausal symptoms! With a highly effective hop extract and other natural-based ingredients! 

Not only do our happy customers confirm the efficacy of this product, but its positive effects are also supported by clinical trials! 

The hop extract Lifenol® alone can reduce hot flashes by 4* times and night sweats by 2*!  

It can also significantly reduce the distressing signs women experience daily, including irritability, sleep problems, headaches, weight gain, mood swings, concentration problems and low energy levels. In fact, its super-strong action helped users achieve 2*x fewer perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms after just 6* weeks! 

Red clover

Red clover has been used in traditional medicine for centuries! Scientific findings support the claims that it can help ease the tell-tale signs of menopause, such as hot flashes, excessive sweating, restlessness, and irritability.  

With the addition of red clover, this formula contains everything needed for a more comfortable and calmer menopause.  

Remarkable effects!

Thousands of happy customers have already tried M-Pause and can report remarkable benefits! Feedback from our customers shows that it’s helpful with menopausal symptoms such as: 

  • hot flashes;
  • night sweats; 
  • sleeping problems; 
  • weight gain; and
  • digestive issues. 

It’s quickly becoming a bestseller among products for women’s health – and for a good reason!  

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important. 


Heyerick, A., Vervarcke, S., Depypere, H., Bracke, M. and Keukeleire, D., 2006. A first prospective, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the use of a standardised hop extract to alleviate menopausal discomforts. Maturitas, [online] 54(2), pp.164-175.

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