An overburdened liver and how to detox it naturally

When thinking about our health, the liver isn’t usually the first organ we go to. If anything, it's the exact opposite, which is also why the signs of an overburdened liver are so often overlooked – when they really shouldn't be. But is there an effective yet natural way to keep your liver in top shape? We're glad you asked.

But before we dive into the how let's take a look at the why.


Why is it so important to take care of your liver?

The liver is your biggest internal organ and one that’s just as important as your heart. It performs over 500 vital life functions, which means we cannot survive without it. With its to-do list second only to that of your brain, the liver works as your processing plant, warehouse, distribution centre and battery all joined into one.

As a major metabolic organ, it's also your most important fat-burning organ, not to mention your primary detoxification system, as it breaks down fats and flushes out toxins. And those are just the big ones. But here's the thing...

Only a healthy liver can really deliver

Everyday stress, an unbalanced diet, alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep or exercise, and just living in the modern world puts a strain on your liver. And if the liver's overburdened, it cannot really do its job right.

As a result, it's impossible for it to effectively break down fats and neutralise toxins. And if too much fat and fat-soluble toxins build up in it, you may find yourself dealing with a fatty liver.

Time to hit the brakes!

There must be some warning signs way before that happens, right? There are. The problem is that they're so common that they often don't really raise any red flags.

People with an overburdened liver often experience:

  • tiredness and irritability
  • concentration or memory problems
  • excess weight, especially in the stomach area
  • dry, itchy or generally problematic skin
  • bloating and poor digestion
  • increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • trouble losing weight

Luckily, there are many natural remedies that help relieve the burden

Aside from leading a healthier lifestyle, you can help your liver out with herbs and other plants that have been proven to support detoxification. Let's take a look at some of the most effective ones.

Milk thistle

Powered by silybin, a major active compound in milk thistle extract silymarin, milk thistle has been shown to support liver health and detoxify your liver by flushing out toxins. But its powers don't stop there.

Not only does milk thistle help detoxify the liver, but it also helps regenerate it and protect it from harm, as it promotes the synthesis of proteins necessary for the cell to function properly and strengthens the liver cell walls to prevent toxins from entering the cell.


Due to its therapeutic effects, this Mediterranean plant has been used to support liver health for centuries. Artichoke extract has been proven to help your liver detoxify, regenerate and protect itself from the damaging effects of free radicals. An added bonus? Thanks to its powerful antioxidant activity, it can even help strengthen your body's natural defences.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful radical-neutralising antioxidants. It protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. In particular, it plays an important role in protecting your liver cells from damage.

Acacia fibre

Fibre is also important for liver health. The water-soluble acacia gum fibre binds toxins and cholesterol eliminated by the liver during the detox, and help flush toxins out of your body so they don't have a chance to end up back in the filter that is your liver.


Rich in natural antioxidants, chicory protects your body from free radicals. It significantly reduces oxidative stress, helps prevent cellular damage (liver cells included) and improve liver health. Not to mention it also helps with digestion and weight loss when dieting.


This fragrant evergreen spice is one of the oldest known medicinal herbs, used for several different therapeutic purposes. Studies confirm it helps sustain the liver, reduces the toxicity of some chemical agents and supports hepatobiliary drainage. Thanks to its potent antioxidant properties, it also boosts your immune response.

So can you just throw these in a smoothie and be done with it?

You sure could – but with negligible results. The thing is that while very beneficial, these ingredients don't necessarily absorb into the body easily. Take milk thistle, for instance. In its plant form, milk thistle has poor bioavailability, which means your body can't use much of it, so its effects are barely noticeable.

That's where supplements come in. Most supplements use milk thistle in its extract form, as it packs a much higher amount of active ingredients, which greatly enhances its impact on liver health. But does that mean you'd have to buy 6 different supplements to get all the above ingredients in extract forms?

That's the best part: you can now get a combo of two that contains all these ingredients – with even better bioavailability and stronger effects than other similar supplements! 10x stronger*, to be precise!

Hepafar 1-Month Bundle – with 10x stronger effects*!

Hepafar 1-Month Bundle is designed to detox your liver as effectively as possible. It contains a revolutionary patented form of milk thistle (silybin) encased in phospholipids. In that form, your liver can use it up to 10x more efficiently* – which translates into 10x stronger detoxifying effects*!

And that's just thanks to milk thistle and its advanced phospholipid delivery. With the addition of the black pepper extract and its 95% piperin content, the absorption of other plant extracts is increased by up to 30%*!

But the combo does more than just detox your liver. Once Hepafar Forte cleanses your liver of toxins, Hepafar Fibers takes over to catch those toxins and eliminate them from your body for good! And that's a crucial step in preventing the toxins from going back to your liver.

Detox your liver and body – and set yourself free

With Hepafar 1-Month Bundle and its synergistic mix of natural ingredients that:

  • detox your liver with 10x stronger effects*
  • regenerate and strengthen your liver
  • eliminate toxins from your body for good
  • deliver maximum benefits with 2 revolutionary formulas

*[Results may vary. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important.]

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