How to recognise satiety?

If you want to lose weight, the first thing you think about is eating less. But that doesn't mean that we have to starve ourselves. Instead, just stop eating as soon as you feel full. But how do you recognise satiety?  


First of all, we must differentiate between satiety and satiation. Satiety happens when you are no longer hungry because the body has got what it needed. Satiation is the feeling that we have when we have eaten well, and we’re no longer hungry.

To feel satiety, you have to feel hunger.

 The most important step in feeling full is simply to be hungry. Satiety cannot exist without hunger. Why? Because hunger tells us when our bodies need nutrients and how much.

This means that one should not eat before feeling hungry. If you eat every day at the same time just because you are used to it, even if you are not really hungry, satiety will not happen

We also have to listen to our bodies to know what to eat. For example, if our body needs protein, we crave protein-rich foods such as meat or eggs. But if we eat a salad instead (because we think it's the healthier alternative that will help us lose weight), our body will not get the protein it needs and, therefore, satiety will not happen.

It is super important to listen to our body.

How to recognise that we are no longer hungry ?

The key is to eat slowly. If we take the time to savour each bite, our body has more time to recognise the nutrients that were consumed and to notify us when it is enough.

If you eat too quickly, you risk consuming more food than necessary because the body doesn’t get a chance to trigger the feeling of satiety in time. 

What to do if you have food cravings too often ?

If despite all your efforts to eat well, you still get cravings more often than you want to, a good method to eliminate them is to take an appetite suppressing supplement. 

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