Are we eating “empty” vegetables?

Did you know that carrots today have 99% less vitamin A than the carrots your granny ate in 1948? And it’s not just carrots!


In 2004, the University of Texas published a study that brought the conversation about depleted soil to the forefront. For a long time, many believed that depleted soil is just a myth.

In 2015, a professor of environmental science at the University of California confirmed that the concerns were valid:

“Ever since humans developed agriculture, we’ve been transforming the planet and throwing the soil’s nutrient cycle out of balance. [...] Because the changes happen slowly, often taking two to three generations to be noticed, people are not cognizant of the geological transformation taking place.”

A study conducted in Australia, observing soil depletion and the decrease of nutrients in our crops from 1948 to 1991 found some concerning facts - in the last 40 years, carrots lost 99% of vitamin A contents.

Carrots and other vegetables lost a concerning amount of valuable minerals:

  • 76% of copper
  • 46% of calcium
  • 27% of iron
  • 24% of magnesium
  • 16% of potassium

Vegetables these days are losing so much of their invaluable nutritional value that even veggie lovers can’t be sure they’re getting everything they need from their diet.

The world our grandmothers lived in didn’t have much to offer except nature itself. Now, after decades of agricultural development and land depletion, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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