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Your health and well-being depend on how well your liver works. This essential organ performs over 500 essential functions. It is best known for its ability to detox the body by expelling toxins and bacteria. The liver also creates and stores essential nutrients, produces bile to digest fat, regulates blood glucose levels, and supports your immune health.

Brindusa Vanta, MD recommends Hepafar

A less known but also important function of the liver is of the liver is to help regulate hormone levels. The liver breaks down hormones like oestrogen and testosterone, which are crucial for overall well-being. If these hormones are not broken down efficiently, you may experience hormonal imbalances that can lead to serious health issues.

A special note for the ladies

Oestrogen is eliminated from the body through urination and regular bowel movements via phase I and II pathways in the liver. If these detox pathways in the liver are not efficient, excess oestrogen accumulates in the body, causing pain, heavy flow, low libido, fatigue, headaches and weight gain - especially around the belly and hips.

Life factors that can hurt your liver

Lifestyle factors that affect liver health include chronic stress, lack of exercise, excess weight, drugs, and environmental toxins. Talking about environmental toxins, it is worth mentioning that many chemicals found in the environment are endocrine-disrupting chemicals that mimic the action of oestrogen. Also known as xenoestrogens, these chemicals are found in everyday items such as plastic food containers, clothing and detergents.


Scientifically formulated to support liver health, Hepafar Forte Premium contains some of the most well-researched herbs and nutrients that help detoxify, regenerate and protect the liver, support the liver’s fat metabolism, and boost energy and vitality.

  • Milk thistle has a long tradition of being used to protect the liver. Silymarin, its key active ingredient, has been researched in hundreds of studies. According to a 2020 review study, silymarin has strong antioxidant qualities and may protect against liver damage associated with fatty liver, alcohol consumption, and medication use. Furthermore, milk thistle may improve blood glucose and cholesterol levels, support healthy weight loss, strengthen the immune system and fight cancer.
  • Artichoke is packed with natural antioxidants like cynarin, chlorogenic acid, and flavonoids. A 2022 systematic review of multiple clinical studies found supporting evidence that artichoke supplementation can benefit liver health and may reduce the risk of developing fatty liver. Scientists found that artichoke supplements significantly improve the levels of liver enzymes ALT and AST, which become elevated in case of liver damage. In addition to protecting liver health, research studies suggest that artichoke extract may stimulate bile production and reduce blood cholesterol and glucose levels.
  • Choline is considered an essential nutrient. It is a vitamin-like molecule that plays a key role in the health of the liver, brain, heart muscles, and nervous system. While the liver makes small amounts of choline, diet is the primary source. However, many people do not get the recommended daily intake of choline. Choline deficiency has been associated with fatty liver, liver damage, and muscle damage.
  • Other ingredients in Hepafar Forte Premium include ginger, dandelion root extract, zinc, selenium, and black pepper, which provide additional support for healthy digestion and reduce inflammation.

The Hepafar advantage

Hepafar Forte Premium is a well-balanced formula which includes artichoke extract, milk thistle, choline, and other key ingredients that support liver and digestive health. Hepafar Forte Premium was designed for maximum bioavailability. Its innovative patented formula contains high-quality milk thistle extract in phytosome form (Silybin-phosphatidylcholine complex) for maximum absorption.

Furthermore, the formula contains pepper and ginger, known as “bioavailability enhancers.” Black pepper and ginger work synergistically with the other herbs, significantly increasing their absorption.

Who can benefit from Hepafar Forte Premium?

Considering our modern lifestyle, most people could use Hepafar Forte Premium. Thousands of chemicals in the environment can overburden the liver and cause other health problems.

For optimal benefits, incorporate Hepafar Forte Premium into your daily routine alongside a healthy diet, regular exercise, good sleep habits and stress management techniques.

Brindusa Vanta, MD

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