How to get rid of candida in 3 simple steps

Bloating, vaginal discharge, digestive problems, unusual gas, sugar cravings, and brain fog have more in common than you might think. All these symptoms can be caused by the overgrowth of one sneaky yeast – candida! Discover how to cure candida naturally and permanently.

Candida problems

Introducing the yeast behind all your troubles

Candida is a type of yeast that lives harmlessly on and inside your body. This means that you can find it on your skin and inside your mouth, genitalia, and gut. The problem arises when candida overgrows and disrupts the balance between good and bad bacteria.

This can happen due to an unhealthy, sugary diet, antibiotic treatments, stress, weakened immune system, contraceptives, diabetes, and hormonal imbalances. As the causes are so numerous, it’s not surprising that about 75% of women have had a vaginal yeast infection, and about 45% will have them more than once. But if you can act fast, you can stop candida symptoms before they seriously affect your life.

Candida symptoms: 8 red flags

Before we uncover how to get rid of candida, let’s identify the most common candida symptoms.

1. Unpleasant smell, itching, and discharge

Overgrowth of candida in the genitalia leads to a vaginal yeast infection, which is easily recognisable by redness, swelling, itching, painful intercourse, and a thick, white discharge.

2. Bloating, wind, and digestive issues

When candida takes over your gut, it disrupts the balance of microbiota, overferments carbs, and triggers inflammation, which can lead to unusual bloating, excessive gas, stomach discomfort, or constipation.

3. Feeling tired and worn down

When candida disrupts the balance in your gut, it impairs its ability to absorb nutrients properly. This means you won’t get all the necessary nutrients needed for healthy energy levels. Moreover, candida produces toxins as part of its metabolic processes. These toxins can leak into the bloodstream, increasing inflammation and fatigue.

4. Brain fog and poor memory

One of the main toxins that candida produces is acetaldehyde, which has known neurotoxic effects and can impair cognitive function. In combination with increased tiredness, you can find it hard to concentrate and remember things.

5. Unstoppable cravings for sugar and carbs 

Candida thrives on sugar and carbohydrates. So, the more candida you have in your gut, the stronger your cravings for these foods. And when you provide candida with more sugar, you support its growth, which leads to a vicious cycle of never-ending fungal infections, cravings, and weight gain. 

Unstoppable cravings

6. Severe seasonal allergies

Worsening of your seasonal allergies is an often-overlooked candida symptom that occurs due to the combination of a weakened immune system, increased inflammation, and damage to the intestinal barrier, which allows allergens and toxins to pass into the bloodstream more easily.

7. Feeling blue, anxious, or irritable

When you feel tired, bloated, or itchy because of an infection, it’s logical that you won’t be bursting with joy. On top of that, candida also influences the production of neurotransmitters in your gut, including serotonin and dopamine, which are crucial for your mood, emotions, and motivation.

8. Recurrent infections

Can’t shake off an infection of your urinary tract, sinuses, or lungs? When candida disrupts your gut microbiota balance and knocks down your immune system, you might find yourself constantly coughing, having a sore throat, or frequently urinating.

3 simple steps to cure candida naturally

To suppress the overgrowth of candida and restore your microbiota balance as quickly as possible, you must follow three simultaneous steps.

Step 1: Starve the yeast

The first step is to eliminate foods that yeast feeds off. This includes all the food that turns into simple sugars when broken down. Moreover, you should also avoid all fermented foods as they can contain yeast or fungi that can potentially contribute to the growth of candida. Here’s what to avoid:

  • sugars and desserts;
  • grains and gluten;
  • fermented foods;
  • beans and starchy vegetables;
  • high-glycemic fruits
  • dairy;
  • beer and wine; and
  • mushrooms.

The candida diet is very strict but necessary. However, there is one solution that can significantly shorten the duration of this diet and ease candida symptoms. Some see the results as soon as in 10* days! Bear with us.

Step 2: Switch up your diet

After eliminating foods that candida loves, you should replace them with foods that inhibit its growth and keep you well-nourished at the same time. These include:

  • cruciferous vegetables;
  • protein-rich foods;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • low-sugar fruits;
  • coconut oil;
  • garlic;
  • ginger;
  • turmeric; and
  • no-sugar sweeteners.

Step 3: Increase the good bacteria

When candida overgrows, it significantly disrupts the gut microbiome. Thus, you need to restore this balance by replenishing your gut with the good bacteria found in probiotics.

However, you should stay away from natural probiotics like yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha, as they might have the opposite effect. That’s because they can have a lot of sugar and certain types of bacterial strains and yeast that could exacerbate the growth of candida.

When you want to suppress candida’s growth, it’s best to opt for probiotic supplements like Vaginal Biotic. This supplement was specifically designed for women and was proven to fight vaginal yeast infection plus restore balance in your gut and genital tract!

As soon as in 10* days, the level of candida in your vaginal flora drops and the number of good bacteria rises. Thus, you get quick relief from the uncomfortable candida symptoms we listed above.

In addition to 6 lactic acid strains, the formula is enriched with ingredients that keep your immune system strong and urogenital system healthy: fibre, zinc, biotin, cherry stems, and oat extract. This way, your immune system can better fight future infections, including candida!

The bottom line

If you follow all three steps, you’ll get candida under control pretty quickly. But how can you prevent candida from overgrowing again?

We all know that following such a strict diet is not really sustainable or enjoyable. So, your best choice is to continue supporting your microbiota with Vaginal Biotic while keeping your diet somewhat balanced. By doing this, you’ll prevent candida overgrowth from the ground up.


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